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7 Tips for stress-free mother of the bride shopping

The pressures of planning a wedding can affect more than just the bride and groom. With mums often playing an important role in their daughter’s big day, getting the right outfit is an important decision and one you’ll want to get right. It is the second most important dress you will wear after your wedding dress. Here are our top seven tips to ensure choosing the perfect mother of the bride outfit is plain-sailing.

1. Choosing your colour

Ispirato-style-IV942-season-P-Midnight-blueWith so many designs and styles to choose from, finding your outfit can be a daunting task. Start by picking out colours you know will suit you. Traditionally, white and ivory are reserved for the bride, while black or red are considered less suitable, but don’t let this put you off if you have your eye on a specific design, just talk things through with the bride and groom first.

2. Have a second opinion

If you often find it difficult to make decisions when clothes shopping it’s a good idea to take someone with you for moral support. Choose one or two people whose opinions you value. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

3. Do your research

Have a look at a range of different designers. Each designer will have his or her own unique style and you may find a particular one you’re drawn to. For example, designers such as the Irresistible collection by Veromia offer feminine dresses without jackets made in the finest of fabrics. They have exquisite beading-work and lace-work and three-quarter length sleeves. On the other hand, Condici offers elegant occasionwear in luxurious silk fabrics.


4. Clever co-ordination

Why not take the stress out of choosing the colour and opt for a mother of the bride dress that complements the bride and groom’s colour scheme? Consider the colour of the bridesmaids and make sure your outfits complements the wedding party.

5. Try it on

Always make sure you visit a boutique that offers a wide range of designer mother of the bride outfits. Call the boutique to ask them how many outfits they can offer you in your size. You’ll feel more reassured that the outfit’s right for you if you’re able to try it on in your size first with matching accessories. Le Chic Boutique’s number is 020 8466 1576.

6. Have an open mind

Even if you’re confident of the style and colour you’re after, always visit mother of the bride specialist boutiques with an open mind. Owners of these boutiques are experts in their field and may be able to offer alternatives that you wouldn’t have necessarily considered.

7. Accessories are key

So you’ve found the perfect outfit but don’t forget the accessories. Save time and hassle by picking up your hat, shoes and matching handbag from the same boutique as your dress to ensure the colours match with your dress perfectly. All that’s left then is to remember the tissues and enjoy the big day!

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