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Accentuate and Flatter Your Fuller Figure

With 30 years’ experience as a boutique owner and style advisor (30 years this year to be exact…yay well done Koulla!) we’ve picked Koulla’s brains for her top styling tips to dress your curves for a special occasion.

1. Don’t underestimate your underwear

Rosa Clara – Style: 1T109

Well-fitting undergarments and shapewear make a huge difference for full-figured women by helping to smooth the silhouette of the clothes… and no more underwear lines, hooray!

Top tip: Bring along your shapewear to try on when shopping for your outfit, for the true test of what works best. Nothing should dig in or leave marks. Feeling uncomfortable should not be the compromise to looking good.

2. Size doesn’t matter it’s all about the fit


You will look and feel better if what you wear fits appropriately, no matter what the label says. It’s also important to remember the power of expert alterations, because often that’s all it takes to take something from boxy to super flattering. Outfits that are too baggy only make you look bigger!

Top tip: Try on the same piece in two or three sizes, and choose the one that suits your body the most.

3. Flaunt your assets


Full-figured women sometimes spend so much effort concealing, they forget to accent the positive as well. Every woman has features that are worth showing off. Try to accentuate your assets and draw attention to the areas of your body that you’re proud of.

Top tip: Using colour can bring the eye to features you want to highlight. A colour-block dress with a lighter colour or pattern on top will emphasise your bust whilst minimising your bottom half. There are no rules when it comes to colour—just make sure it complements your complexion!

4. Coats that fall below your hips


A longer coat that ties in the middle will draw everything in and cinch the waist.

Top tip: Remember to keep the cut fairly fitted rather than loose so it still shows off your curves and doesn’t swamp you. A coat in a semi-sheer fabric is a fantastic option for a spring or summer occasion and will show glimpses of your fab dress underneath.

5. Don’t hide your bust

dressed up, style 190, silver

If you’re blessed in the bust department then aren’t you lucky! Show them off in a dress with a lower neckline or ruching to draw attention to your great assets.

Top tip: The V-neck can be sultry or demure, depending on how low it’s cut. It can both enhance your cleavage or a small V can help elongate your neckline and slim your top half.

Top tip: Why not also try dresses that gather under the bust? For many larger women, dresses with an empire-style chest de–emphasizes the stomach and accentuates the bust.

6. Don’t be afraid of prints

Zeila - 3020478

Solid colours will serve you well but a great print can be very elegant. It’s all about choosing the right silhouette first, and looking out for a pattern that has a flattering placement.

Top tip: Vertical patterns are your best friends as they draw the eye up and down. A painterly watercolour print is also a forgiving option as the colours flow softly in to one another.

7. Define your waist

Ispirato - 1W955

We bet your waist is fabulous part of you. Why not show it off? You’ll look slim and sleek with your accentuated curves.

Top tip: Wear a belt or choose pieces with glamorous details like beading, embroidery or ruching at the waist to really define it. Ruching is also great at helping areas where you need a bit more support by creating shape without adding volume.

8. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

ronald joyce - 991009

When it comes to accessories, you can pull off some big, bold pieces.

Top tip: Incorporating key items like statement earrings; a chunky jewelled necklace or a bold hat can draw the eye upwards, balancing out your proportions.

9. Lengthen your legs

Condici - 70848N

Showing your legs leg creates a long, lean look, and will make you look trimmer overall.

Top tip: Choose a dress that ends around the knee. This is where your legs start to get slimmer. Your legs will look long and trim if you stick to this flattering length. Alternatively, a slit on the side of a gown can be slimming.

Top tip: Pointy-toed shoes and those in flesh tones are also great leg-lengtheners. Try to avoid anything with a heavy strap around the ankle, as it cuts the line of the leg.

We want you to feel fantastic at your special event and there’s nothing we like more than finding you the perfect outfit to feel comfortable and look great in.

At Le Chic Boutique our specialist stylists will advise you on the style of dress that’ll accentuate your figure. You’ll be able to try on different outfits with matching hats, shoes and accessories. With plus size dresses up to a size 28 we have plenty to choose from!

Call to 020 8466 1576 or email info@lechicboutique.co.uk to book an appointment at our London boutique.

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9:30 – 5:30 Monday to Saturday
by appointments only

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