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Comfort counts! Choosing a mother of the bride outfit you feel great in

There are some wedding day traditions that we’d never want to part with. There’s the white dress for your dazzling daughter, the suits that leave you with no doubt that your daughter has made the right decision, and the very first kiss between the newly married pair. That being said, there are traditions that can be left in the past – and modest, unglamorous mother of the bride outfits are top of the list for us. Here are four good ways to bring your own take to ‘something new’, and find comfort on the big day:

1. Take comfort in a good fit

It’s going to be a long and energetic day, and you don’t want your memories to be tinged with uncomfortable clothing. Spend time choosing the right mother of the bride outfit – one that feels as good as it looks – so that you can spend more time circling the dance floor.

Ispirato Style IU904


Make sure your outfit allows room for movement, and looks and feels great while standing or sitting. High quality garments will use luxury fabrics and careful tailoring techniques that can make a world of difference to how comfortable you feel throughout the long day and night.

When choosing a good fit, never be afraid to seek advice from experts.

2. Take comfort in making her proud

With modern lifestyles meaning we’re all dipping into more social groups than ever before, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be meeting some of your daughter’s friends and acquaintances for the very first time at her wedding. By devoting some time to choosing the right outfit, you’ll help your daughter be as proud of you as you are of her. An eye catching designer gown by the likes of Linea Raffaelli or Ann Balon will get guests drawing in the flattering comparisons.

3. Take comfort in making an impression

The last thing we want to do is take the focus off our daughters. However, modern mums are shunning unflattering and dated clothing in favour of designer mother of the bride outfits that bring flair and energy. Whether you see the occasion as a chance to catch up with old friends and close family, or an opportunity to impress, choose an outfit that reflects your individual sense of style.

Ann Balon

4. Take comfort in fun

It’s the party of the year – have fun and take advantage of this occassion to make your glamorous mark!

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