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Condici is a very sought-after designer for Mothers of the Bride. They have over 29 years of experience creating elegant and sophisticated pieces for Mother of the Bride, race wear, and outfits special occasions. Condici Mother of the Bride outfits are simply stunning and will make any Mother of the Bride look her very best.

The latest outfits by Condici are in stock now!
In order, these outfits are 11285, 70830, 70832, 70833, 70834, 70836, 70842, 90401,90402.
We stock sizes 8 to 26.

To view some of our featured Mother of the Bride outfits by Condici click here.

7272 Bon Bon Navy-mainColours & Patterns

There is something for every skin tone within the Condici collections for Mother of the Bride have colors that will enhance anyone’s skintone. The patterns in Condici collections are understated yet are powerfully stunning with rich ice cream shades of pastels, gem tones, paired with soft, yet dynamic neutrals. They specialize in soft, crisp, feminine effects by layering their fabrics beautifully with gorgeous silks, satins, and comfortable taffetas.

Condici - 11239A - mother-bride.comDresses

There is something for everyone with Condici. They design for sizes and silhouettes that flatter any female form, making glamorous selections for dresses and complete outfits for the Mother of the Bride. Their expert use of fabric ensures that every dress is beautifully constructed.

Jackets & Hats

When paired together, Condici jackets, boleros, and hats create a dynamic outfit that looks streamlined, original, and super chic. Some Condici hats are dyed to match the outfits while others are made with the silks and fabrics from the dresses themselves.

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Click on the images above for a slideshow of Mother of the Bride outfits. To see which sizes we have available in these Mother of the Bride outfits, click the centre of the image or hover your mouse over the image without clicking.

Le Chic Boutique is proud to be an Condici stockist.

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We're Happy to Help


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