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Coordinating outfits for the mother of the bride and groom

Everyone knows that the wedding dress is the fashion highlight of the day. However, there are two other women in the party with important dress decisions to make. So how do the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom co-ordinate to look their best?

According to tradition it is the mother of the bride who chooses her dress first. The mother of the groom then selects hers so they can coordinate. This is not as common as it once was, but taking the time to plan together can make for beautiful pictures on a very special day for both of you.

If you have the pleasure of being mother of the groom, reach out to the mother from the other side of the wedding party and start a discussion about colours and styles. Perhaps you could agree some parameters between you about the level of formality, colour, or cuts that you would both find flattering.

Choose complementary styles/colours for a real wow factor in photographs.


Even better, arrange a day out for lunch and to browse outfits together. Jointly shopping for dresses can also provide a wonderful way for both mothers to build a relationship, and take further pleasure in the happy occasion being shared by their families.

The mother of the bride will likely be involved in a wide range of details about the wedding, from wedding party colours to flower choices. A mother of the groom may find it easier to choose her outfit if she’s been involved more in the overall wedding planning. That helps for both mothers to join in dress or flower shopping. You may also find some useful advice from the bride herself about her hopes for style etiquette on the day.


Whether you’re mother of the bride or the groom, your outfits should be chosen carefully as they are likely to be a topic of interest. As a general rule, white should be avoided, as should the colours of the bridesmaid dresses. Thankfully the notion that the mother of the groom should wear beige has been utterly retired. Instead, take a reference from the colour wheel to find coordinating shades, either to the sides or opposite the wedding palette. Silver, blush and champagne are popular in order not to clash with bridesmaid dresses.

The important thing is that you both feel comfortable and happy on this special occasion for both families. It is great if you can coordinate with the other mother involved and find an outfit that matches informality or length, just make sure you still retain your own style. Clothes will always look better on the outside when you feel great on the inside.

Need more help co-ordinating the mother of the bride and mother of the groom outfits? Contact us today to arrange an appointment to visit our boutique and let our expert stylists help.

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