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Carmen Melero Mother of the Bride Outfits

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Outfits from our new designer, Carmen Melero.

This is their philosophy.

Fashion has a lot to do with artistic expression. In fashion we create with fabrics, buttons and trimmings instead of clay or marble.

The sculptor designs and makes his work with the intention of enhancing an environment, to excite the senses of the beholder. In fashion we try to enhance the person who wears our creations. With our work we get the woman who wears our clothes to feel more confident in herself.

Fashion also feeds the appetite of novelty of every human being. Fashion allows the change, projecting different images of ourselves, saying things about our state of mind and much more without using words.

We want each of our garments to represent the excellence of the work … the work that is done with passion and always start with the illusion to achieve a perfect result.

We do not believe in cutting corners. We design and manufacture in our own workshops. We do not entrust our work to others to manufacture it more cheaply but certainly not as accurately. We want our work to continue to be ours to the end.

Our garments retain all the virtues of balance, symmetry and proportion regardless of their size. Similarly, a large sculpture may have the same appeal, sweetness and beauty as that of small one.

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