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Le Chic is a Premier stockist of Zeila with one of the biggest selections in London and the South East. Zeila specialises in dresses and outfits that evoke passion and intensity.
About the designer
Zeila started in 1995 by GN Design Group, a family company founded in the 1970’s by Francisco Nicolás and Dolores Arce. GN Design Group includes Cabotine and Renata dress labels. Over 30 years of history in the market of occasion wear makes for outfits that win every time. Zeila is their most vibrant line of outfits and has managed to land at the top of celebration fashion.
Zeila outfits
These dress designs have an understated elegance and fit the mature figure beautifully. Zeila’s fabric selection mirrors their high taste in fashion with attractive tones and hues with laces, silks, and tulles. Zeila outfits showcase the aesthetics of the modern, alluring, and vivacious woman. They reveal timeless fashion choices of the classic fashion icons while offering a new facet of today’s catwalk.
Mother of the Bride – Zeila stockist
Evoking Spain’s passion for strong style, the Zeila collection boasts a beautiful range of Mother of the Bride outfits that are ideal for the discerning woman.  Discover the tasteful pairing of high quality fabrics with clever and inventive design details that make these gowns stand out.

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