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Fashion tips for the plus size mother of the bride

Condici-style-70830-season-P-FlamingoJust because something’s in fashion, don’t blindly trust that it will suit you. This is where personal service can make all the difference when shopping for your perfect mother of the bride outfit. Here are some tips designed especially for women who feel self-conscious about their size.

Avoid Online Shopping

Surfing is great for inspiration! However, when buying a dress online you almost never get an outfit that looks as good in real life as it did in the photographs. Shopping online means that you can’t take a friend with you to the changing room, you skip the trying-on stage to ensure a great fit and you miss out on any expert stylist help. You also miss out on matching accessories. Online shopping is great but for an occasion as special as your daughter’s wedding, it’s not worth the risk.

Cover up carefully

It’s a misconception that covering everything up will make you look good.  Boxy jackets will not make you look smaller. The best type of cover up for a wedding is one that skims and doesn’t cling. Material with too much stretch will not pull you in, it just highlights the bulges.

Ronald-Joyce-by-Veni-Infantino-style-991077-season-P-A hat or fascinator can help to shift focus up to your face

Once you have your outfit, try a few different hats and fascinators to complement your look. Not only will you add a bit of glamour, you’ll also be adding more interest around your face and hair. Drawing the eye to the top is a good technique for pear shapes who often find their problematic areas are lower down.

Where is she?
It is important to be recognised as the mother of the bride or mother of the groom. The hat, hatinator or fascinator does this.

Wear amazing shoes

Apple shapes can wear eye catching footwear. This draws the eye away from their problem areas, usually the middle or bust area.

Use pattern to your advantage

You don’t have to avoid patterns if you’re a plus size, you just have to find the right one. Small fussy floral prints usually create the illusion of space and make you look bigger. Bold prints, limited to two or three colours work much better and add interest without volume. This same rule can be applied to geometrics which offer a contemporary twist without being too informal.

Use accessories to divert attention

This one often gets overlooked. Accessories can be used to accentuate your hands, collarbone and hair. If you have slim wrists, show them off with a chunky bracelet or bangle. Good hands look great with an over-sized dress ring. Amazing collarbone? Draw attention there with a colourful bib style necklace. From fascinators to shoe jewellery, make sure to add an extra sparkle to your outfit to really show off your style.

Good grooming can streamline an overall look

This applies to all shapes and sizes. Manicured nails, glowing skin and beautiful locks all help to make you look polished. This is a way of life and can’t be achieved the night before. Start now. Drink plenty of water, commit to a skincare routine and keep your hair in tip-top condition with a weekly mask and regular salon appointments. (Then treat yourself to a girly spa day for an extra-special beauty boost!)

Confused by all this advice? Don’t be! Call today to make an appointment at our boutique and our experienced and friendly owner and stylist, Koulla, will guide you through the best mother of the bride outfit choices to flatter your shape and accentuate your personal style.

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