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How many dresses do you stock?

“How many dresses do you have in stock? Is it worth coming for a visit?” This is a question that we hear often.  And it’s a reasonable one.  You want to spend your time productively, visiting a boutique that offers you a great selection to choose from. With over 2,000 outfits across 500 styles to choose from we certainly feel confident that we have more than enough options to make your visit worthwhile! Our customers travel across the UK and from abroad because they see us as a specialist destination boutique.

But we don’t think that the size of our stock should be the real reason you decide to visit. Here are some important things to consider.

LineaRafaelli 40w600_h600 07_17_2016 10_15_05 PM Mother Bride at Le Chic BoutiqueHow many dresses do you really want to try on?

While it can be fun to try on different outfits, most women don’t want to spend hours in a dressing room, overwhelmed by options.  Our staff act as your personal stylists, helping to present you with only the best options for your special day.

In fact, Le Chic Boutique owner Koulla tends to suggest 3 options for each customer who visits. The majority find their ideal outfit from these first three picks!

Find the right style

As the old adage goes, quality matters more than quantity.  Have you ever visited one of those mother of the bride shops that has rack upon rack of outfits, with seemingly no limits? Feathered frills, neon flashes of colour, swathes of sequined and tulle layers froth out on all sides in a dizzying mish-mash of styles that make it difficult to pick out anything you like. Such an uncoordinated and massive inventory can be overwhelming.

We stock the highest quality, handmade designer outfits in a range of styles and sizes that are modern,  sophisticated and elegant.

Condici-70819Don’t waste time!

When we talk about our stock, we don’t just mean that we have a sample size of each outfit. When you visit Le Chic Boutique you can try on a number of designs in your own size. Even better, you can take your chosen dress away with you!

No trying to imagine what the dress would look like in a larger or smaller size. No waiting weeks for your size to be ordered.

We offer a truly one-stop shopping experience, combining the best of both worlds between choice and convenience.

Call us today on 020 8466 1576 to arrange your appointment.

We're Happy to Help


We're Happy to Help


Le Chic Boutique


85 Beckenham Lane, London, BR2 0DN

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