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Mother of the bride video guide

I hope you enjoy our mother of the bride or groom guide. It suggests many things to consider when buying the mother of the bride or groom outfit – including size, advisors, costs and accessories.

These are Koulla’s tips from 30 years in the occasion wear and Mother of the Bride industry.
Koulla is the owner and buyer for Le Chic Boutique which is based in greater London.
Consider an outfit’s colours, cut, fabrics, appliqué, ruching, pattern and any medical or comfort criteria.
Consider your budget.
Le Chic Boutique prices competitively.
Don’t waste money by buying the hat or shoes first. Always buy the outfit first with a matching hat. Match the shoes to the bag.
Consider the cost, time and energy if you make many shopping trips.
Who needs to like the outfit? Your husband, the bride and friends may be the obvious answers. They may not all agree so you may wish to be selective about your chief advisor.
We have a huge range of mother of the bride outfits, hats and accessories.
Koulla has the experience to find what fits your criteria, skin tone, body shape, bone structure and personality.
Koulla will match the mother of the bride outfit to the venue.
Koulla usually picks three mother of the bride outfits for customers to try on and she always finds her customers’ outfits within those three outfits.
She has over 20 different designers and will help you find your perfect mother of the bride outfit.
We also have a huge range of hats, fascinators, hatinators, bags and jewellery.
You can pay a deposit or pay in full and take the mother of the bride outfit away today.
Koulla has everything in stock.

Le Chic Boutique is the right boutique:
The right time: Buy from our large stock today and take it home today. Don’t wait for orders. The right outfits and the right accessories: We have a large and varied stock of outfits and matching accessories.
The right price: Our mother of the bride outfits are priced competitively.
The right location: Accessible from central London and the south east.
Try before you buy: Due to our large stock, special orders are rarely necessary.
The right advisor: Koulla has 30 years’ experience.

We have an excellent alteration lady.
We post globally.
Enjoy the wedding.
Please send a photo for our website.
Match the shoes to the bag.

Le Chic Boutique is a specialist boutique for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. We stock outfits that you will not find in department stores or the high street or shopping centres.

Le Chic Boutique has 500 hats in stock by 12 different hat designers.
Our customer recommend us.

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Do you have any questions? Please call Koulla on 020 8466 1576.

Boutique: http://www.lechicboutique.co.uk/
Mother of the bride guide or mother of the groom guide

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We're Happy to Help


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