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Le Chic Boutique compared to high street

Finding the perfect mother of the bride outfit can seem like a big challenge, and when faced with a difficult task it’s human nature to turn to the familiar.  High street brands and department stores are often the first port of call for women searching for just the right dress, yet dedicated designer boutiques such as Le Chic can offer you so much more!  Here are five reasons why you should a visit to Le Chic Boutique is well worth it.

  1. Personal stylist

    Each and every visitor to Le Chic Boutique is treated to personalized stye advice from our team of experienced stylists.  Led by boutique owner, Koulla, Le Chic Boutique has helped hundreds of women to find a mother of the bride outfit that makes them look and feel fabulous, confident and comfortable on their special day.

    You can enjoy invaluable advice on which styles flatter your shape and colouring. We aren’t focused on making a sale – our only motivation is making our customers happy!


  2. Friendly experience

    Our team offers a warm welcome to everyone who walks through our doors, delivering a friendly customer experience that can’t be rivalled by high street chains.

    Forget about crowded aisles and noisy changing rooms!  At Le Chic, we offer a dedicated personal service and let you enjoy browsing our exciting and extensive range and trying on different outfits.

    We take time to learn the details of the wedding, getting to know more about our customers in order to match colours and styles better to their personality, style and the type of venue.

    Read our customer testimonials.

  3. Unique styles

    condici_90401_2High street chains depend on high volume sales, which means that they all tend to offer similar styles based on what is popular each season. There are two big problems with this! First, is that all too often multiple people end up wearing identical outfits to weddings.  Even outfits purchased at different high street stores can have such a similar look and feel that they seem the same.  Second, it limits your options to what chain store buyers have decided is trendy.

    At Le Chic we believe that every woman deserves to find an outfit that expresses her own personal style.  We make it a point to stock a variety of styles, buying in the latest mother of the bride designs from designers around Europe to constantly provide a fresh and extensive range of options.

  4. Range of sizes

    Just as no two women have the exact same style, no two women are the exact same size and shape. While high street chains offer a limited choice of petite and plus sized outfits in badly-fitting styles, Le Chic pays special attention to providing an exciting range of options for all sizes.

    We carefully curate our collection to include designs that accentuate curves, flatter different shapes and use clever tailoring to show off every woman’s figure in a way that makes her feel beautiful.

    We offer a range of mother of the bride outfits in sizes 6 to 28. Pick your size from the top menu to see what styles we have in stock in your size!


  5. Excellent value

    Just as we offer options in styles and sizes to suit each individual woman, we also offer outfits that are fit within different budgets.

    You might be surprised at just how competitively priced our designer outfits are compared to some high street chains or department stores!

    Considering the extra value that you get, isn’t it worth considering a visit to Le Chic Boutique to let us help you find the perfect mother of the bride outfit?

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We're Happy to Help


We're Happy to Help


Le Chic Boutique


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